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The Gentile Packaging Machinery Cartridge Filler is a semi-automatic piston filler that is designed to fill viscous products into cartridges and other containers with very small openings. Range of fill is from 0.15ml to 2.25ml, and fill volume is easily adjusted and set by hand. The GPM Cartridge Filler comes with an adjustable cartridge tray and V style guide to make the process easy when filling by hand. Also provided is optional hosing and nozzles for filling cartridges that are pre-loaded into a tray, and new luer lock compatible fittings for easy changeover. This cartridge filler is capable of filling all styles of cartridges. The product cycle is initiated by pressing a foot pedal.
The GPM Cartridge Filler is equipped with controls that allow it to easily be integrated into an automatic GPM Filling System.


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