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The Gentile Packaging Machinery Bellows Filler is an easy to use tabletop filler that uses a bellows metering pump for product fills up to 55ml. The fill volume is easily adjusted by hand and is accurate to +/- 1.5%. The GPM Bellows Filler comes with an adjustable bracket to accommodate various bottle sizes and styles, and a V bracket for centering the bottle. This filler is very easy to set up, clean, and change over.

The GPM Bellows Filler is available in two models:

GPM VSD Bellows Filler – The GPM Variable Speed Bellows Filler has a speed control adjustment that allows the operator to adjust the speed to best accommodate different types of products and production speeds. It can cycle 30+ times a minute, however, most normal operating scenarios are around 15-25 bottles per minute.

GPM 10 Bellows Filler – The GPM 10 Bellows Filler runs at a fixed speed of 6 seconds per cycle, allowing for a maximum speed of 10 bottles per minute.

Filling with the Bellows Filler

Bellows Filler Specs Sheet


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