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The Gentile Packaging Machinery Variable Speed Bellows Filler is an easy to use tabletop filler that uses a bellows metering pump for product fills up to 55ml. The fill volume is easily adjusted by hand and is accurate and consistent. The GPM Variable Speed Bellows Filler comes with an adjustable bracket and V style bottle guide to accommodate various bottle sizes and styles. A hosed attachment also allows for filling by hand into virtually any type of container desired. This filler is very easy to set up, clean, and change over, and requires no special tools. Product cycle is initiated by pressing a foot pedal. The GPM Variable Speed Bellows Filler can cycle up to 38 cycles per minute. Normal operating speed is between 20-25 bottles per minute, depending on the product, fill volume, and operator speed.

Filling with the Bellows Filler

Bellows Filler Specs Sheet


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