The GPM Four Head Bottle Filler (GPM-GBF4) is a four head piston filler that can accommodate bottle sizes from 1oz to 4oz at speeds up to 30 bottles per minute. The GPM-GBF4 uses all stainless steel contact parts and comes with a 5 gallon stainless steel hopper and a 6ft conveyor. Can be supplied as a stand alone unit, or as part of a complete filling line. Can also be made with more filling heads to accommodate higher speeds (see list of speeds below), and larger fill sizes (up to 12oz) are available.

GPM-GBF4 (4 head filler) = up to 30 bottles per min

GPM-GBF5 (5 head filler) = up to 40 bottles per min

GPM-GBF6 (6 head filler) = up to 50 bottles per min

GPM-GBF7 (7 head filler) = up to 55 bottles per min

GPM-GBF8 (8 head filler) = up to 65 bottles per min